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Faculty Mission

Ø  Faculty of Physical Education for Girls is an accredited governmental educational institution that   provides educational, and cultural requirements for both students and graduates through a wide array of programs and courses that grant bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees in the domains of Physical Education and Sport.

Ø  The mission of the Faculty aims to promulgate, apply and develop knowledge to prepare professional staff acquiring a recognized high-quality level of scientific standards in the following areas: Sports Training & Kinesiology, Physical Education, Health science, Sports management, Recreation, Sports psychology & sociology, and Education science





Faculty Objectives


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 I - Educational objectives and Educational

Ø  Enrich the academic and intellectual environment to improve the educational process.

Ø  Assist the students in their scientific preparation in the four areas (education, sports training management and recreation) so that they acquire a profession and be responsible members of the society. Commitment to excellence in education by providing high-quality courses, that reflects the most up-to-date information in these areas through research and application.

Ø  Develop the interaction between students and faculty through providing them with academic time and vocational guidance.

Ø  Establish and implement a system for the development of all administrative services, academic assistance programs, student services and activities.


 II - Scientific Research

Ø  Guide researchers from the faculty staff members and others for graduate studies and present the researches that achieve positive solutions in the areas of physical education and sport.

Ø  Encourage researchers to produce distinct quality of collaborative researches in the four areas to be presented in local, regional and international scientific conferences.

Ø  Prepare qualified cadres of graduates who possess scientific research skills and the efficiency to use such skills to identify the physical education and sport problems in the four areas through specialized advisory committees.

Ø  Insure the necessary environment for faculty staff members to acquire the capacities and professional skills through specialized courses.

Ø  Promote excellence by providing the best potentials (physical and human) for faculty staff members to undertake researches and creative studies in the domain of the Development of Physical Education and Sport.

Ø  Increase the emphasis and the expansion of applied and theory researches of pre-and post-graduation.


III - Community service

Ø  Play an effective leadership role at the county level in solving problems related to Physical Education and Sport through ongoing studies and researches and to reach solutions that can be applied.

Ø  Find means of communication and cooperation with the scientific and sports agencies and institutions either at the local, regional, international and Arab levels to study sports issues to achieve the common objectives in various Physical Education and Sports areas.

Ø  Prepare development programs to develop and raise the level of administrative efficiency for the faculty staff members and the administrative system.

Ø  Promote and develop the investment in the Governorate by strengthening and consolidating the contributions of the Faculty. The promotion of the faculty as an educational institution to attract the beneficiaries of the high


Learn more about the Faculty              http://www.fpeg.alexu.edu.eg/

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