The Student-Athletes as the Sports Entrepreneur: The Descriptive Study in Malaysia


Prof, Asiah Mohd Pilus¹

Dr, Hanipah Hussin²


¹Head of Sports Centre, University Technical Malaysia Melaka

²Centre For Languages and Human Development, University Technical Malaysia Melaka





Entrepreneurship contributes to economic growth and income within a nation. Entrepreneurship of the sports industry is an important area that provides employment opportunities and increases national income. Willingness to become an entrepreneur in the sports industry is an opportunity for graduates meet the job market to the sports industry. This study aims to identify the element readiness student-athletes to choose the sports industry entrepreneur as a career. This study consisted of 260 respondents. The respondents were student-athletes, which participate in inter-varsity games. Descriptive analyses are used to describe the readiness of student-athletes to become the sport industry entrepreneurs.  This research identifies the readiness elements perceived by the student-athletes readiness in the sports industry entrepreneurship. The findings suggest the institutions of higher learning providing sports entrepreneurship education to foster willingness among the student-athletes to become the sport entrepreneurs.


Keywords: sports industry, sport marketing, career, entrepreneurship, sports management,



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