The Effects of Resistance Training on Power Performance Variables Among Female University Students


Ass. Prof. Oleksandr Krasilshchikov1

 Prof. Mohd Ridhuwan bin Che Musa2


1Exercise & Sports Science Program, School of Health Sciences, University Sains Malaysia

2Brain Research and Information Network, School of Health Sciences, University Sains Malaysia



The purpose of the present study was to determine the effects of 6 weeks of resistance training on vertical jump, horizontal jump and anaerobic performance among female students of Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM). Twenty physically active young adult women engaged in recreational exercise activities such as jogging, volleyball and badminton (mean age: 20.3 ± 0.7 years, height: 154.91 ± 6.4 cm,  body weight: 52.36 ± 9.9kg and body mass index: 21.69 ± 3.0) with no recent injury participated in this study. After undergoing  anthropometric measurements, all subjects performed the pre-test that included vertical jump, horizontal jump and anaerobic performance test (Wingate Anaerobic test). Then, the study proceeded with all subjects being assigned randomly to exercise group (n=10) and control group (n=10). The exercise group underwent resistance training for 6 weeks while the control group resumed routine physical activities for the same period of time. On completion of the intervention period, subjects undervent the post-test measurements. Resistance training improved power performance (mean power and anaerobic capacity) of female students over 6 weeks intervention program. Experimental group subjects haven’t improved in the vertical jump, horizontal jump, peak power and anaerobic power. Although not many variables have improved after the short-term intervention, resistance training should be recommended as a regular exercise modality apart from aerobic exercise to improve health and skill-related fitness variables among female university students.


Key words: resistance training, female university students, mean power, anaerobic capacity

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